Person sitting on stairs, thinking about the dangers of mixing substances

Dangers of Mixing Substances

Polysubstance abuse is the formal name for abusing two or more substances in tandem, and it’s earned this designation primarily because of how dangerous mixing substances can be. Some combinations are more harmful than others. Cocaine and alcohol, in particular, result in a particularly toxic compound known as cocaethylene—one responsible for several cardiovascular problems, seizures,…

Two women talking about National Alcohol Screening Day

National Alcohol Screening Day

The first Thursday of April has been recognized as National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) since 1999. During NASD, multiple organizations with a high concentration of drinking-age individuals—colleges, for example—allow free, easy access to self-screening for alcohol use disorder (AUD). In addition to screening for AUD, NASD allows for conversation about the dangers of alcohol abuse…

A man concerned about the signs of oxycodone addiction

Common Signs of Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is a type of opioid, prescribed most often for cases of moderate to severe pain. Its route of addressing pain tends to induce feelings of pleasure, relaxation, and stress relief. While it’s undeniably an effective painkiller, oxycodone has a high potential for addiction, even when taken correctly. Whether you’re assessing yourself or the symptoms…

People experiencing group therapy support

How Group Therapy Provides Support During Recovery

Most rehab centers have a group therapy program. The process may seem intimidating if you’ve never tried group therapy. Opening up to others about your personal experiences can be a challenge. However, group therapy support and other benefits of group counseling can be advantageous. With help from a skilled facilitator, group members gain insight into…

A man thinking about men and alcoholism

Men and Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a dangerous condition, regardless of gender. Anybody can be affected by the consequences of alcohol poisoning, liver failure, or the social issues that stem from drinking. However, some of the distinctions between men and women make men more susceptible to certain alcohol-related risks. These factors are partly biological and partly social, and add…