Man sitting in hall, worried about the effects of cocaine on the heart

Effects of Cocaine on the Heart

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that can produce intense short-term effects, including a feeling of euphoria and increased energy. However, cocaine use can also have both short and long-term consequences, especially when it comes to your heart health. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the danger until it’s too late. The effects of cocaine on…

Woman with head on hands, worrying about addiction to prescription drugs

Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are among the most commonly misused substances in the U.S., leading to an opioid overdose crisis. But what exactly are the most addictive prescription drugs? The most commonly abused, addicting prescription drugs include opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and sedatives. While these drugs are typically prescribed for legitimate medical reasons, they can also be…

Client sits on couch talking to expert, learning tips for dealing with relapse trigggers

Tips for Avoiding Addiction Relapse Triggers

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is about more than getting through withdrawal and quitting the substance. Unfortunately, many people who complete a detox and rehabilitation program end up relapsing. This is entirely normal and does not indicate failure in your recovery. However, some strategies can help reduce the chances and frequency of relapses. Participating in…

Client sits on bed, reading book about motivational interviewing techniques

3 Motivational Interviewing Techniques

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a therapeutic counseling approach in which a clinician acts as an interviewer to help clients change their behavior patterns. This effective technique is often used in a women’s motivational interviewing program and is accomplished primarily by the therapist expressing their acceptance of the interviewee without judgment. Contact us online or call…

woman sitting alone on her bed thinking about the dangers of mixing alcohol and melatonin

Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Melatonin

Polysubstance abuse is a severe problem, and alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances. When alcohol is combined with other drugs, like melatonin, it can be even more dangerous. Melatonin is often seen as a safe and harmless drug, but a combination of alcohol and can have serious consequences. The same is true…

person sitting in darkened room obscured b y shadow representing the stigma of addiction

Recognizing the Stigma of Addiction

When people hear the word “addiction,” they often think of a personal failure or moral weakness. However, addiction is a medical condition and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, our society often stigmatizes those struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs), making it harder for them to seek help. Addiction in the LGBTQIA+ community is even…