Ryan Caulfield

Owner and Executive Director

Let us introduce you to our Owner and Executive Director, Ryan Caulfield. Ryan formed Greater Boston Addiction Center after many years in the laborers union and owning sober living homes in Portland, Maine. He is no stranger to hard work and spent night and day perfecting this program and facility. Being in long term recovery after overcoming his own personal struggles with addiction, Ryan decided to create a place that would allow addicts and alcoholics to get well. With the use of the 12 steps and cognitive behavioral therapy, he built a safe and supportive space conducive of spiritual growth. Being one of seven, Ryan grew up with a strong set of ideals in an Irish Catholic family in Braintree. He brings those family values and morals into his business, endlessly helping out those in need. He stops at nothing to be of service to those in need.

Katerina Caulfield

Community Outreach Director

Meet our Community Outreach Director, Katerina Caulfield to Greater Boston Addiction Centers! Katerina brings hometown spirit, experience, and drive to our team. Growing up in Newton, she is very familiar with the area and community. Being in recovery herself, Kat has strong ties to the local recovery network, and personal experience in the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous. With a sales background in the car business combined with years of exposure to treatment, she has a unique perspective and motivation to help men and women struggling with their own addiction. Katerina is a devoted wife and mother, juggling time between raising a family and helping those in need get treatment. We are beyond blessed an grateful to have Katerina as a pivotal part of our GBAC family!

Cassandra Carlson

Program Director

Cassandra Carlson has first-hand understanding of the complexity of recovery. She discovered her passion for helping others overcome addiction while starting her own journey of recovery in 2012. She went on to obtain a masters degree in mental health counseling with a concentration in addiction so as to learn the best ways to enlighten and inspire others. Long term sobriety requires rigorous honesty, willingness and open-mindedness, and Cassandra can help every step of the way. She believes anyone suffering from the disease of addiction has the opportunity to maintain long term sobriety.
Cassandra understands the significance of individual care and compassion during early recovery. Advocating for her clients, she helps them take ownership of their lives. She believes in a wholesome approach that includes the families of her clients in order to foster a supportive environment. Working with her clients to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction, the goal is to learn a new, healthier, and more productive way of life.

Katie Smith

Clinical Director

Kate Smith is a licensed professional and has worked in the mental health and substance abuse disorder fields for over 10 years. Kate earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University, graduating magna cum laude from her class. She attained her Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Barry University in an accelerated program, and is currently obtaining her Doctorate in Social Work. She has served as a therapist and supervisor in clinical programs for inpatient and outpatient services, as well as acute and sub-acute programs for substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis. Kate has experience as a supervisor, consultant, speaker, and administrator. Kate believes that by offering a consistent quality of care to both the clients and families she serves, it makes the outcome much greater for success. Kate believes in the importance of the family in the recovery process and Greater Boston Addiction Center’s commitment to supporting the family throughout the treatment process.

Lori Kostas

Primary Therapist

Lori is a primary therapist who has been working in the field of addiction for over 10 years. .  Lori got into the field of addiction after finding her strength in her own recovery.  Lori brings a unique approach of mindfulness, alternative healing and yoga to her work with clients and is a strong advocate for self advocacy and self exploration.  Through mindfulness based approaches and treating the whole person Lori guides her clients in finding their voice, battling their inner critic and being the change they wish to see. Beyond her work as a therapist Lori is a yoga teacher, lover of nature, mentor, mother and wife.  It is through her darkness that Lori found her light and does her best to be the example for her clients along their journey towards change.

Courtney Flood

Director of Admissions

Please help us welcome our new Director of Admissions, Courtney Flood. With multiple years of continues sobriety herself, Courtney will stop at nothing to help improve the lives of others. Courtney is always eager and willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. This woman is driving, ambitious, hard working and passionate about what she does and we couldn’t be more honored to call her one of our own. She is a proud facilitator at the local family meeting and spends majority of her spare time helping other women achieve long lasting sobriety. Welcome to the family Courtney, we are pleased to have you.

Nicholas Rand

Director of Business Development

Greater Boston Addictions would like to introduce Nick Rand as a dynamic part of our family. Nick comes to us with committed to helping aline people in crisis with the services and resources necessary. He personally understands the struggle to overcome addiction, with more than a year in recovery through the 12 steps. Nick brings first hand experience, hard work, and determination to the table. As motivated as he is selfless, most of Nick’s free time, is spent helping men as a sponsor and just being available, when he isn’t enjoying time with his son. Nick makes a wonderful addition to our team, and as a role model in our community.

Blaise Conway

Coordinator/Case Manager

Meet Blaise Conway, he is our Client Care Coordinator/Case Manager. Blaise oversees the daily ins and outs of the office at GBAC and deals with the clients one on one. For over a decade Blaise battled the demons of addiction and depression, but he currently has over 2 years in recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous. Bringing a fresh perspective from his own experience, he is able to help navigate what a lifestyle of recovery may look like for each of our clients. He lives his life through recovery and service work, sponsoring men and women in Alcoholics Anonymous and volunteering as a board member of The Mass Ave Project. We are grateful to have Blaise as a valued member of our family at Greater Boston Addiction.

John O’Connell

Lead Recovery Support Specialist

Help us welcome John O’Connell to out Greater Boston Addiction Family!! John joins us with years of first hand experience and hardwork in the treatment. He is a shining specimen of what hard work and a good attitude can achieve with the help of the 12 Steps. He multi tasks as a helping hand around the facility, and sounding board to listen to clients, and a trusted advisor to share his journey. A new father, John shares his time between being an active member in his family and being an active member and power of example to community of men he helps everyday. Whether it is physical labor or working with clients, he is always ready to take on any task.

Sean Leary

Recovery Support Specialist

Please welcome to the team Sean Leary!  After graduating from Ithaca College in 2014 for TV Production and working in that industry for six and a half years, he realized he had a serious drinking problem and checked himself into rehab in April of 2020.  He has been gratefully sober ever since.  Now he wants to help other addicts & alcoholics and pass on the message.  For fun, he likes to sing/ produce music and watch stand-up comedy.  His favorite comedians are Bill Burr, Norm MacDonald, Bobby Lee, and Theo Von.

Donald Shepherd


Meet one of GBAC’s in house clinicians, Donnie Sheperd. Donnie joined the GBAC family in September 2021, after working for some of the top treatment centers in the State. Donnie served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years and then spent 3 years with the Army National Guard, after the service he worked in corrections and then fell on hard times. After experiencing homelessness and unemployment, Donnie recieved vocational from the VA as a disabled veteran which brought him into the field of recovery and social work. Since 2017 he has been working in recovery and treatment as a social worker and Clinician. The Greater Boston family is very grateful to add Donnie to our growing team!!

Kelsey Litka

Group Facilitator

Let’s introduce you to our Group Facilitator Kelsey Litka! Kelsey is the newest addition to the GBAC family, leading our clients in the clinical center. Being in long term recovery herself, she has been clean and sober for nearly a decade after struggling with addiction in her own personal life. After overcoming her struggles through a 12 step based recovery program, she now helps other people do just the same. Kelsey has been working in the treatment field for the past five years, bringing a fun and unique perspective to bring a breath of fresh air into the group setting. She attributes her love of the outdoors and being in nature with her terrier, Harley, to her captivating approach to recovery. We are overjoyed to have Kelsey with us at Greater Boston Addiction Centers.

Amber Yanakopulos

Recovery Support Specialists

Amber Yanakopulos one of our staff’s Recovery Support Specialists. Amber joins our team after completing our program and building a life for herself as a woman in recovery. Amber attributes the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the sense of community she built at GBAC to her success in her own sobriety Before getting into the field, she recieved a Bachelors in Exercise Health Science and her Associates in Liberal Arts from Mercer County out of New Jersey. She is currently enrolled at Salem State University to get her Masters in Occupational Therapy. While putting herself through school, Amber was a personal care attendant and worked in the service industry, so she has always been devoted to the care of others. Outside of work she is a fitness enthusiast, frequently running and working out. We are so lucky to get to welcome Amber to GBAC’s family.

Jade Eary

Group Facilitator

Let us introduce you to Jade Eary, one of our amazing Group Facilitators. Jade joined Greater Boston Addiction Centers in February as an intern while completing schooling at Bristol Community College to achieve her LDAC. She brings her education in the field, combined with first hand, actual battles with addiction herself. Having over 6 years free of drugs and alcohol, Jade knows the troubles of overcoming substance abuse first hand. Utilizing various forms of recovery including attending Buddhist temple and yoga for her sobriety, she provides a dynamic approach to the clinical atmosphere for our clients at GBAC. Jade is a hard worker, juggling being a full-time mom with one on the way, being a newly wed, and taking care of her 2 dachshunds, and still makes time to finish her degree and help out at GBAC. We are lucky to have her with us!!

Gabby Brown

Recovery Support Specialist

Meet Gabby Brown, a Recovery Support Specialist at Greater Boston Addiction Centers. Gabby is a 25 year old, young mother in long term recovery. While attending Roger Williams University, majoring in Psychology, she struggled with addiction herself, and after her own journey to sobriety, she decided to get into this field. Having worked in treatment for the last year and first hand experience with her own recovery, she brings raw and honest energy to GBAC’s growing family. She attributes her commitment to the 12 Steps and own self care practice as her strongest asset allowing her to be empathetic and humble in her approach to client care. Gabby balances being a fulltime mom to her son and an active member of her sober network outside of being a power of example for the women that she helps. We are blessed to have her on our team!